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How It works - Homeowner

Work from our easy to follow project process sheet

On registration a homeowner can work from the process sheet. This is a basic checklist to help you decide who and what will be needed for your project. For example, has planning permission and building regulations been obtained two imperative factors of building an extension? Also a feature of the process sheet can help the homeowner budget for the proposed project.

Create & post your project

After registration the homeowner can post their project as soon as they choose too. Once posted notification is AUTOMATICALLY sent to tradespeople. The homeowner can add a scope of works and any other information that will be relevant to the project so the tradesperson can send you an informed quote. As long as all the relevant material is posted with the project, all the homeowner needs to do now is sit and wait for all the quotes to come in.

Upload drawings

When a job has been listed by the homeowner they can upload additional information to their project file. This can be things such as technical drawings, sketches and scope of works. This additional documentation will give the tadesperson a more detailed view on the job to ensure their quote is as accurate as possible and in some cases will be an essential item for providing a quote.

Receive quotes and choose a tradesperson

When your project has been listed the next step is to list the individual "trades" that you require, you could receive up to three quotes from each trade that you stated as your requirements. The homeowner must make the decision on which tradesperson they think is suited to their project. This can be done by comparing quotes, looking at the tradespersons ratings or viewing their past projects and portfolio on their professional profile. We recommend that all important correspondence is processed through, for your protection and clarity.

Pay agreed price into a secure payment system (optional)

Pay agreed price into a secure payment system (optional) The homeowner will be given an option of paying the total balance into a secure payment system (Project Pay). This provides a protected method of guaranteed fixed payments for both the homeowner and the tradesperson.

The project starts

When a price has been agreed and finalised with each required Trade Person the project will then be ready to begin. The homeowner can then state when they wish for each tradesperson to begin their select scope of works for the project.

Problems or queries with your project

If the homeowner finds at any stage that problems have arisen on site after your project has begun, the dispute resolution team at can offer you a resolution service to help resolve your issues. We will take into account both, the homeowner's position and the tradespersons position, to come to a mutually agreed outcome based on all the information documented within our database.

Project complete - rate tradesperson and release payment

On project completion, asks the homeowners to rate the tradespeople involved in their project. Not only is this to share your experience with the tradesperson with others, but also to show us your satisfaction with the works completed. Once the tradesperson has been rated payment will then be made by yourself or released from your prearranged secure payment system.

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