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How do you justify the cost of iManageMyBuild?
We are confident that the massive savings you will benefit from by using iManageMyBuild, together with confidence and personal satisfaction you will receive from this system, will speak for themselves. Relax and take it easy.
There’s nothing new or secret about the methods used on iManageMyBuild. In fact they are used every single working day by professional building Companies. The iManageMyBuild system allows you to upload your project details, and automatically sends out tenders to individual small trades in your area. This is what a bigger building Contractor would do. You simply benefit by saving on building Contractors profits. The system goes on to assist you in managing your project throughout.
iManageMyBuild, (with our help and handholding) gives you total control over costs, timescales and communication between you and the individual tradesperson, giving peace of mind that you know exactly what is going on. You are protected by an automatically written contract, giving you peace of mind that all will go to plan.
Yes, if one of our members persistently abuses the system or is unreasonable to other site users, their site usage will be restricted and they could be removed from the site completely.
All projects are monitored by one of our “desk top” Project support team members. iManageMyBuild’s Project support team members, manage all aspects of the build, workflow and communication between the homeowner and the tradesperson. We will get involved and advise either side of anything required to keep the project on track.
As long as you have a basic understanding of computers, which you must have to be reading this, than you can use iManageMyBuild’s user friendly system. As well as saving money and gaining peace of mind, you’ll also find it fun.
As we encourage homeowners to use an individual tradesperson rather than Companies. Many small tradespeople are not registered for VAT, therefore you not only save on the bigger builders profit but possibly on VAT as well.
Both the homeowner and the tradesperson involved in any project can monitor progress of the works via the self generating program of works (Gantt chart) and automatic notifications are sent out to the tradesperson notifying them of any changes to the program or when they need to attend site.
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