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iManageMyBuild is designed to improve the domestic building industry with fair and honest procedures for all parties.

We want the homeowner to save money, get their project completed to their requirements and protect their most valuable asset.

We will help the tradespeople to carry out that work, safe in the knowledge that their livelihood and reputation will be protected and they will be paid a fair price for a job well done.

Here at iManageMyBuild, we have experience stretching over 30 years working within the building industry; this experience includes main contracting, project managing and as individual trades. In this time we have experience with the many reasons why projects can go wrong, if certain procedures and understandings were in place from the offset and adhered to throughout, all projects would run smoothly.

Reasons for difficulties arising can be due mainly to tight budgets, misunderstanding of VAT, larger construction firms profit chasing, miscommunication between the homeowner and the builder, homeowners paying cash with out a formal contract, - the list is endless.

Furthermore breakdowns in the relationship between the homeowner and tradespeople occur due to absence of a written contract or part contracts that only cover the basic areas of the project.

These issues can lead to unfinished work, unprofessional or unsafe work, non payment of invoices, arguments over timescales, unfair charges of extras and avoidance of VAT in circumstances where it should be applied (i.e.Sole Traders and Main contractors earning more than the threshold as set by HMRC should be registered for VAT). Both the homeowner and tradespeople can and do create many of these problems.

Money matters are frequently the cause of problems within the domestic building industry.

Misunderstanding of “cash payments” can be a big factor where problems arise.

There is a misconception that making “cash payments” to the contractor is illegal, however this is not the case. It is the avoidance of VAT, which is illegal, which can be supported by unaccounted cash payments received by the contractor. Avoiding the VAT can be rather an attractive option for the homeowner to save on 20% VAT rate and unfortunately due to the competition tradespeople can feel undue pressure to cut the VAT to ensure their price is competitive and they win the work. However, deliberate avoidance of VAT is ILLEGAL; an illegal contract cannot be enforced in the Courts. So if either party defaulted on the Contract in any way, defective works or non-payment, it cannot be enforced by the Courts, however HMRC will attempt to recover the VAT in no uncertain terms if discovered.

Without any written contract including all and any amendments/changes written in or added to the original contract the homeowner and the tradespeople are not protected.

We have all heard the term "cowboy builder" harangued in the media, particularly by TV shows such as “Cowboy builders” and “Bad Builders: Banged to rights. But what does this term actually mean? It is true that there are unscrupulous builders out there, but if homeowners and tradespeople stuck to a few simple rules, "Cowboy Builders" would disappear.

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